Travel plans are made after Wurstküche

I call my mom in Kansas City around the same time every day, a ritual we’ve developed over the past four years to bridge the 1,500 mile distance and time zone change between us. Our daily conversations are often bookended by her concerns about my well-being. “Are you eating enough? Make sure you’re getting enough sleep!” […]

Trojans still have a shot at greatness

I still have lingering disappointment from the 2006 Rose Bowl. I probably always will, as will any lifelong USC football fan. With maybe the best team ever in college football, USC couldn’t cap its reign of dominance with the national championship it deserved. The loss almost overshadowed the previous two national championships. But it was OK, […]

Vegan & Vegetarian Food: Finals Week Edition

Finals suck – there’s no other way to put it. Late nights, no sleep, too much coffee, chocolate, candy (although can we ever really have too much?), all running, running, running towards the reward of Winter Break… a reward that never seems to get any closer. Luckily for you, however, there are a bunch of […]

Ask Hahney: End of Semester Blues

As the semester begins to wind down, I’ve taken some time off of writing weekly articles for this column. And I wanted to return with this piece… to simply talk. The last few weeks have been hard. Donald Trump’s win was very frustrating for me. My school workload picked up, and I’ve been so exhausted […]