OPINION: Earthquake safety deserves more than a one-day ‘ShakeOut’

USC could be seriously affected by a major earthquake, but the University isn’t doing enough to prepare students.

Letter to the Editor


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ben Shapiro event tomorrow will test USC’s commitment to diverse views and ideas

On Thursday, I fully intend on walking into Bovard Auditorium, taking a seat and attending Shapiro’s lecture.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ben Shapiro is a Trojan horse for hatred and bigotry on campus

As our fellow students and allied organizations across campus continue to spread the word and sound the alarm, we are often met with surprise that we take offense at this so-called moderate speaker on our campus.

Letter to the Editor: USC must face the fact that it enabled a predator for decades

This letter was co-signed by 55 other USC students and alumni, ranging in class from 1989 to 2021, who wish to remain anonymous.

Letter to the Editor: When handling Tyndall case, the University must give victims a seat at the table

Dana Loewy is part of the largest group of women to sue the University and former health center gynecologist George Tyndall.

Letter to the Editor: In wake of opioid crisis, anti-overdose drugs must be made available at USC

I am writing to the editor to plead that the University of Southern California require access to naloxone in higher-risk areas of our community.